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Setup Tips

Here are a few setups that have proven to work very well in the AeroCat, StarCat, and Polaris.

We have recorded the highest speeds with the larger motors and big batteries, but the trade-off is a higher wing loading. Decide what kind of flying you like to do, then pick a power package accordingly.

Motor:Spin Max 2212-6
ESC: 30 amp minimum
Battery: 1300 to 2100 mAh 3 cell lithium polymer capable of at least 25 amps continuous.
Prop: APC 5/5, 6/4, or 6/5.5 E
AUW: 13 to 21 oz.
Speed range: 60 to 70+ mph depending on battery
Comments: This is a superb setup. Very fast and awesome vertical performance.

Note: The APC 6/5.5 will pull around 26 amps on the 2212-6. Fly easy for 45-60 seconds before landing to allow the motor to cool.

Motor:Spin Max 2212-10
ESC: 18 amp minimum
Battery: 1000 to 1800 mAh 3 cell lithium polymer capable of 15+ amps continuous.
Prop: APC 7/5 E
AUW: 10 to 20 oz.
Speed range: 50 to 60 mph depending on battery.
Comments: This is a great setup for the AeroCat, StarCat, or Polaris if you want to run less amps and smaller battery packs. Very fast and awesome vertical performance. Pulls around 16 amps with the APC 7/5.

The 2212-10 also works very well on the Yardbird prop jets.

Optional Rudder

The AeroCat flies great on ailerons and elevator, but some pilots may want to add rudder control. There are provisions for twin rudders, but it is up to the builder to cut out the rudders and provide the linkages.

Rudder cut lines are printed on the inside of the tail fins. Simply cut, bevel, and hinge the rudders. The rudder servo location is printed on the bottom of the wing.

Install a pushrod from the servo to the left rudder, then install a pushrod between the two rudders to couple them together.


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