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Aqua Cat SE

Aqua Cat SE
Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $79.95
Select Motor:
Spin Max 2212-6 (2200 kv) *Recommended* $19.95
Spin Max 2212-10 (1400 kv) $19.95
Select ESC:
Spin Max 30 amp ESC $24.95
Spin Max 40 amp ESC $29.95
ESC Heat Sink:
ESC Heat Sink W/Thermal Paste $4.95
Select Servos:
11 gram metal gear servos (3 pcs.) $33.00Save $5.00!!!
Select Battery:
2200 3S 40C lipo battery $34.95
Note: A selection must be made in each category. If you do not want a particular item, select "None".

The all new Aqua Cat SE is a “Special Edition” version of the great flying Aqua Cat. The SE combines the versatility of our Polaris seaplane and the great flying qualities of our AeroCat pusher jet. This “Hybrid” design results in a fast, stable aircraft that can fly off of water, grass, or snow!

The Aqua Cat SE features pre-painted laser cut 6 mm Depron foam, carbon spars, complete hardware pack, plastic canopy, touch up paint, and custom Shell Racing decals. The kit builds easily in a few evenings using the included build guide on CD.

High Power Set-up (Recommended)

  • Motor - Spin Max 2212-6 (2200 kv)
  • ESC - 40 amp recommended, cooling vents or heat sink recommended
  • Prop - APC 6/4 E
  • Battery - 3 cell lipo to 2200 mah

Mid Power Set-up

  • Motor - Spin Max 2212-10 (1400 kv)
  • ESC - 30 amp minimum, cooling vents or heat sink recommended
  • Prop - APC 7/5E or 7/6 Slow Fly
  • Battery - 3 cell lipo, 1300 recommended to 2200

  • Wingspan–36.0"
  • Length–41.0"
  • AUW–17-22 oz.
  • Wing area-306 sq. in.
  • Wing loading-8.8 oz./sq. ft.
  • Motor-Spin Max 2212-6 or equivalent
  • ESC-30-50 amp
  • Prop APC 6/4E
  • Battery-1300 to 2200 3 cell lipo
  • Controls-Ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle
  • Requires 3 micro servos (9-12 gram)


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