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Aqua Jet

Aqua Jet
Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $79.95
Select Color:
Aqua Jet No Decals $79.95
Aqua Jet with NAVY decals-blue $89.95
Aqua Jet with NAVY decals-orange $89.95
Select EDF:
RC Lander 68 mm EDF $99.95 *Out of Stock*
Select ESC:
Maytech 70 amp ESC $69.95 *Out of Stock*
Select Servos:
11 gram metal gear servos (3 pcs) $33.00 Save $5.00!
ESC Heat Sink:
ESC Heat Sink Includes Thermal Paste $4.95

Note: The Aqua Jet is recommended for intermediate to advanced pilots.

The Model Aero Aqua Jet, like the Aqua Cat and Polaris, offers superb flying qualities and unmatched versatility, capable of flying off water, grass, or snow. However, the EDF power system takes the excitement to a whole new level. The Aqua Jet is simply exhilarating to fly, especially with the RC Lander 68 mm EDF. These fans have a unique sound and fantastic power. When you taxi this plane out to fly at your local field or lake, prepare to be the center of attention, as all eyes will be on you!

We're running the Aqua Jet with the RC Lander 68 mm EDF unit on 3S. The fan housing is machined from aluminum and the quality is superb. The EDF units are balanced and test run at the factory and are ready to go right out of the box. The optional ESC is a fully programmable Maytech 70 amp ESC with switching BEC. Power output is around 560 watts and we recommend a 3000 to 3300 mah battery with at least a 25C rating.

Note: There are other EDF units that will work, but the plane and EDF mount are designed around the RC Lander EDF.

The kit includes all laser cut 6 mm Depron foam, carbon fiber spars, pushrods, control horns, 1/32" plywood wing braces, laser cut EDF mount, and instructions on CD. Requires 3 servos.

The Aqua Jet is a real thrill to fly and it definitely has the "WOW" factor!


  • Wingspan–36.0"
  • Length–41.0"
  • AUW–30-34 oz.
  • Wing area-306 sq. in.
  • Wing loading-12.0 oz./sq. ft.
  • Power system-68 mm EDF, 500-600 watts
  • ESC-60-70 amp
  • Battery-2600 to 3300 3 cell lipo
  • Controls-Ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle
  • Requires 3 micro servos (9 gram)


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