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Polaris Ultra

Polaris Ultra
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Price: $149.95
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USCG (Red/White) $149.95
NAVY (Blue) $149.95
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Spin Max 2810-9 1350 kv $34.95
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Maytech 40 amp ESC $49.95
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11 gram metal gear servos (3 pcs.) $33.00 Save $5.00!
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Note: Due to the large size of the Polaris Ultra box, USPS Parcel Post is the shipping method. This typically takes 2-9 days.

Model Aero is very excited to offer our newest product, the Polaris Ultra. Based on Laddie Mikulasko’s legendary North Star design, this is an ARF version of the Polaris scaled to 115% of Steve Shumate’s original design. It’s molded of high quality EPO foam and due to the high level of pre-fabrication can be built in a fraction of the time of the original Polaris kit.

The Polaris Ultra retains all of the flying qualities of the original Polaris, yet has a character all her own. I hope you enjoy flying her as much as we’ve enjoyed the development process.

Features of the Polaris Ultra:

  • Molded EPO foam-Pre painted
  • Decal set
  • Full airfoil on wing, stab
  • Motor and elevator servo wires built in
  • Magnetic canopy hatch for battery access
  • Vacuum formed plastic skid plate for the bottom
  • Inner plywood structure for strength
  • Two round CF wing spars
  • Pilot figure included
  • Complete hardware package


  • Wingspan: 34”
  • Length: 46”
  • AUW: 36-38 oz.
  • Wing area: 471 sq in
  • Wing loading: 11.6 oz/sq ft

    Power Requirements:

  • Motor: 2810-9 or equivalent
  • KV: 1350
  • ESC: 40 to 50 amp, switch mode BEC recommended
  • Prop: APC 8 x 6 or Master Airscrew 8 x 6 three blade on 3S, APC 8 x 4 on 4S
  • Battery: 3S or 4S 2200 to 2500
  • Power output: 260-450 watts
  • Servos: 9 to 13 gram servo with torque rating of 16 to 25 oz/in

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