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Polaris 1.8X Seaplane *Out of Stock*

Polaris 1.8X Seaplane *Out of Stock*
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: POL18X
Price: $149.95
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Polaris 1.8X no decals $149.95
Polaris 1.8X with USCG decal set $169.95
Select Motor:
Spin Max 2810-10 1200kv $34.95
Select ESC:
Maytech 45 amp ESC $49.95
Select Servos:
25 gram metal gear servos (4 pcs.) $59.95
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We are very excited to bring you the Polaris 1.8X seaplane. It is 1.8 times the size of the original Polaris and it's extremely light wing loading makes it a big, majestic flyer. At times it appears to be flying in slow motion, and is by far the most docile version of the Polaris family.

The kit features a 9 mm Depron wing with removable outer panels which makes transportation much easier. Assembly at the field is quick and easy. The rest of the plane features precision laser cut 6 & 9 mm Depron. The kit also features an extensive hardware package, including push rods with clevises and adjustable servo connectors. Like all Polaris models, this is a full build kit.

They say size matters, and you will definitely agree once you fly this big bird!

Note: The Polaris 1.8X is a big, gentle, and relatively slow flying plane. It is great fun to fly and while it is capable of mild aerobatics (big loops and rolls etc), it is not designed for high stress maneuvers or high speed pullouts. As with most large planes (model and full scale), there is some flexing of the structure under load. If you are looking for higher speeds and more agility, consider smaller versions of the Polaris.


  • Wingspan–52"
  • Length–73"
  • AUW–48-56 oz.
  • Wing area-1111 sq. in.
  • Wing loading-7 oz./sq. ft.
  • Motor-Spin Max 2810-10 or equivalent
  • ESC-45 amp
  • Prop APC 10/6E
  • Battery-2600 to 3300 4 cell lipo
  • Controls-Aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle
  • Requires 4 servos (20-25 gram recommended)


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