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Spirit Seaplane Parkflyer

Spirit Seaplane Parkflyer
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Code: Spirit
Price: $79.95
Select Motor:
Spin Max 2212-6 (2200kv) *Recommended* $19.95
Spin Max 2212-10 (1400kv) $19.95
Select ESC:
Spin Max 40 amp ESC
ESC Heat Sink:
ESC Heat Sink Includes Thermal Paste $4.95
Select Servos:
11 Gram Metal Gear Servos (3 pcs.) $33.00
Note: A selection must be made in each category above, even if the selection is "None".

Shipments of the Spirit Seaplane may be delayed 2-5 days depending on demand.

We are excited to introduce the Model Aero Spirit. Inspired by the magnificent Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, the Spirit is a great flyer, on land or water. It tracks like an arrow and is capable of an impressive turn of speed.

The Spirit signals a new direction for Model Aero as it is made entirely of Model Plane Foam (MPF). This change was necessary because Depron foam has been discontinued in the US. MPF is very similar to Depron with a few differences. It is somewhat softer and more flexible than Depron, necessitating a few changes in construction. It’s much less brittle than Depron so crash worthiness is better. As far as general construction goes you will find few differences.

Probably the biggest change in construction is that we have introduced a KF airfoil on the wing. This is primarily for strength although it does add some lift as well. We’ve flown it both with and without the KF and it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference. But it does add a lot of strength.

The kit includes laser cut MPF, carbon fiber spars, complete hardware pack including servo adjusters, full color decal set, and instructions on CD.


  • Wingspan–40.5"
  • Length–30.0"
  • AUW–17-22 oz.
  • Wing area-300 sq. in.
  • Wing loading-8.8 oz./sq. ft.
  • Motor-Spin Max 2212-6 or equivalent
  • ESC-30-50 amp
  • Prop APC 6/4E
  • Battery-1300 to 2200 3 cell lipo
  • Controls-Ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle
  • Requires 3 micro servos (9 gram)


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