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The all new Aqua Sport is in Stock!!!


AeroCat V2
The AeroCat V2 is Now In Stock!
Polaris Seaplane
Flies Off Water, Grass, or Snow!
Mig 29
Smooth, Stable, & Fast!
The Aqua Jet is in Stock!!!
The all new Sportster is in stock!!
2212-6 and 2212-10 motors in stock!

The Polaris EX is in Stock!!!

Polaris Ultra video by our friend Gatorb8 from sunny Florida!

Polaris Ultra video produced by Nigel Chippindale

Polaris Ultra 01 from Nigel C on Vimeo.

The All New Drifter Surface Vehicle is in Stock!!!

The All New Polaris XL is in Stock!!!

Polaris XL Video Produced by Nigel Chippindale

Polaris XL in Action 02 from Nigel C on Vimeo.

The Amazing Polaris Seaplane Parkflyer is in Stock!!!

Read Jon Barnes's new Polaris review on RC Groups!

Here's a video of the Aqua Jet shot by Paul Daniel

Check Out the Video of Our Polaris in the Snow!

Model Aero's mission is to bring innovative, high performance aircraft and accessories to the RC enthusiast, with an emphasis on superior customer service and support. You'll find our aircraft kits to be well designed and superbly crafted, so you spend less time building and more time flying.

Our aircraft designs are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. The kits feature CNC precision cut 6mm Depron, tab and notch construction, carbon fiber spars, quality hardware, and full color vinyl graphics.

Model Aero's latest designs, the Polaris and StarCat, are quite simply some of the most exhilarating RC aircraft you will ever fly. Designed to push flat foam aircraft performance to the next level, these planes deliver. Speeds exceeding 70 mph have been achieved and confirmed via radar clocking, yet the low speed handling remains excellent. Come in low and slow, pour on the coals, point them straight up, and watch them perform endless vertical rolls until they're out of sight!

For the best in high performance aircraft and accessories, the first choice is Model Aero.


"Fly the Best..........Fly Model Aero"

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