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Mini Polaris Seaplane

Mini Polaris Seaplane
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: M-POL
Price: $44.95
Select Color:
Mini Polaris No Decals $44.95
Mini Polaris USAF Thunderbird $54.95
Select Motor:
Spin Max 2204-14 $24.95
Select ESC:
Spin Max 10 amp ESC $16.95
Micro 6 gram servo (3 servos) $30.00 Save $6.00!!!
The Mini Polaris offers all the excitement of the original Polaris in a smaller package. At 75% the size of the regular Polaris, you would swear it was half the size when viewed side by side!

The Mini Polaris builds super fast due to the alignment tabs we have put into the fuselage and wing. The tabs keep everything nice and true and makes construction a breeze. While still a full build, you'll find it goes together fast, and the 6mm and 3mm Depron parts are laser cut to the usual high standards.

In the air, the 8 oz. Mini Polaris flies lighter than the original and features all the traits that made the full size Polaris such a solid performer. The kit is available with or without the USAF Thunderbird decal set.

Kit includes laser cut Depron foam, laser cut control horns, motor mount, and tail base, carbon fiber wing spar, pushrods, and complete build guide on CD.


Wingspan: 21.75
Length: 31
AUW: 7-9 oz.
Motor: 2204 or equivalent
Prop: APC 6 x 4
ESC: 10 amp
Battery: 360 3S to 600 3S, 450 3S recommended
Channels: Aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle
Servos: 3 required, 6 gram recommended


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