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Polaris XL v2 Seaplane

Polaris XL v2 Seaplane
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Code: POL-XLv2
Price: $79.95
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Polaris XL white $79.95
Polaris XL w/Blue-Yellow decal set $94.95
Polaris XL w/USCG decal set $99.95
Select Motor:
Spin Max 2810-9 (1350 kv) $34.95
Select ESC:
Spin Max 40 amp ESC $29.95
Heat Sink:
ESC Heat Sink $4.95
Select Servos:
11 gram metal gear servos (3 pcs) $33.00 Save $5.00!
Select Battery:
2200 3S 40C lipo battery $34.95
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View Polaris XL Build Guide

We are very excited to introduce the newest model in the Polaris line, the Polaris XL v2. The XL v2 is a 133% version of the standard size Polaris, and the larger size only enhances the flight characteristics that made the original such a popular airplane. The wing loading is even lighter and the gentle flight performance will amaze you, yet the XL v2 is capable of some impressive aerobatics and a surprising turn of speed! The Polaris XL v2 utilizes a 9 mm Depron wing, which adds needed strength to the wing structure. 

The kit includes precision laser cut 9 mm Depron foam, 6 mm Model Plane Foam, nearly 10' of carbon fiber spars, laser cut hardware, pushrods, and fully illustrated construction guide on CD. The decal set is optional.

The Polaris XL v2 is a full build, but we've incorporated additional locking tabs to ease construction and speed up the build. We think you’ll find the build to be very straightforward and enjoyable.

Recommended Power Setup:

2810-9 with APC 8x6 2-blade prop

This package provides higher performance using a Suppo/Spinmax 2810-9 motor weighing 78g. It has a KV rating of 1350, which means that it turns more slowly than the 2212-6 on a three cell battery. The best propeller we have found is an APC 8x6E two-blade prop. The motor will draw up to about 30A for short periods and 26-28A in sustained high power flying. Throttled back, it will cruise at about 14-16A.

Recommended ESC is 40A (with optional heatsink) or more. While the motor will work well with a 3s 2200 mAh battery of 20C rating, given the heavier current draw a 25-30C battery will give a little more power, generate less heat and may have better life span.

With this motor of over 300 watts, the Polaris XL accelerates rapidly on the water or ground and can go directly into a sustained vertical climb. It’s significantly faster than with the smaller motor. Typical all-up weight is 32-34 oz.

Note that with this motor, the Polaris XL v2 can easily carry a larger battery, such as 3s 2500 to 3000 mAh.


  • Span: 38.5"
  • Length: 53"
  • Wing area: 606 sq in
  • Weight RTF: 28 to 34 oz
  • Wing loading: 7oz/sq ft
  • Motor: Spin Max 2810-9 
  • Prop: 2810-9 motor-APC 8 x 6 
  • Battery: 2100 to 3000 mAh 11.1V lipo
  • Speed control: 40 amp
  • Receiver: 4 channel
  • Requires 3 servos, 17 oz/in minimum torque
  • Flight controls: Elevator, ailerons, rudder, throttle

    Here's a video of the Polaris XL produced by Nigel Chippindale

    Polaris XL in Action 02 from Nigel C on Vimeo.


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