14 Tips On How To Become A Better RC Plane Builder

Colorful remote control airplane

Having an RC model plane to build and fly is a thrilling hobby and a fantastic day making, and if you’re a newbie in the market, then why not go for this? The hobby of RC Plane flying has expanded in the last few years because of its gossip among scale hobbyists, thanks to the electric-powered ready to fly RC plane for beginners. But always there will be someone who needs help in the first building or buying process, and getting some tips from more experienced ones is the crucial factor in how to become a better RC plane builder. 

RC planes have become increasingly affordable and very user friendly over the years. Moreover, this hobby doesn’t require any physical requirements; i.e., you can be an RC plane pilot, whether you are in a wheelchair or having listening and speaking disabilities.

This article will give you some essential and key advice on how to build an RC plane with safety.

Initial tips for becoming a better RC plane builder

Some of the first tips for becoming a better RC plane builder are mentioned as under:

  • Read the user manual that comes with your RC plane. Not only this will make building the plane easy, but it will save you time too. Check and count all the parts that are mentioned in the user guide that they are physically present at that moment.
  • Marking and making the index of all the components on a piece of paper will give an overview, track of all the components you have, and parts, and it will reduce the chance of you losing some little and key components.
  • Be organized, set up a schedule of building your airplane. Don’t overwork or stress yourself out in the completion of your RC airplane.
  • Divide your building session. By doing this, you will have the only parts required for that particular building session and the required tools. Moreover, the chances of losing the small parts of the plane will decrease significantly.
  • If you are a beginner RC plane builder always opt for less complicated and simple design RC plane.
  • For better and long-lasting paint jobs wash your parts with warm soapy water with a splash of vinegar in it. This process will help paint to stick with the surface and the paint will last long too.

Red remote control plane in the field

While cutting the parts, you should have a smooth surface underneath, the rugged or improper surface might get you to cut the parts improperly.

  • Cut out the large parts first and then cut out small parts. By this, you will be able to get more space in clearly and smoothly cutting the small parts.
  • Before gluing the body parts together, make sure it sits and fits perfectly. If you don’t do so, you will be wasting your time in removing the glue for reassembly
  • Try to use the glue that has a fine applicator; this will help in tight and long-lasting fit. Don’t worry if you don’t have a glue that has a fine applicator; you can use minimal size paintbrush while applying glue.
  • While gluing the parts together remove the paint from the area where the glue needs to be applied. By this, a strong bond will settle in between two parts glued together.
  • Use fine-grade sandpaper to remove the excess glue, excess glue spots might become an issue during flight.
  • Before finishing, be sure to put a drop of oil or two in all the machinal gears. By doing this you will be able to remove the moisture from gears.
  • Lastly socializing the local RC plane community will help you in all of your aspects, from building the RC plane to your 1st flight of RC plane. RC plane building might become a headache if it’s not adequately planned, and you might even lose interest in this hobby, so stay calm and stay organized.

These initial tips will help you improve your modeling activities, even if you are scaling on models other than RC planes. 

Good Luck RC Plane Builders!!