4 Favorite Model Cars Kits

Model car kits have been popular ever since they came to the market. These kits are every kid’s first choice, and also adults who are interested in building scale models are fans of model cars, especially of the most popular and historically impressive types. These kits are everywhere, and every hobby store has them; because of their popularity, these car kits generally are not so expensive, but depending on the quality of materials used and other specifics of the car and manufacturer, the price could rise significantly. Most people in their 30s have also grown up assembling these kits.

Assembling these kits isn’t easy, and if you are looking to buy something for kids, then you will have to purchase beginner level kits. But if you are an adult and have made these kits before, then you can move on to advance level kits that are more technical.

In this article, we are going to list some of our favorite model car kits.

Favorite model car kits in the market

1.   Shelby Mustang GT350H


Mustang GT350

This car was first commissioned in 1966 and has been a cornerstone of America’s Auto industry. This car is the best rental car in history. With a top speed of 117Mph and a 306hp engine, this car was the most sorts after a car at that time. 

This favorite kit comes with dual exhaust and a 4-speed transmission and only costs about 30$, pretty good deal right. The recommended age is about 10 years and older since the kit has small parts that pose a hazard to little kids. 

2.   69 Camaro Z/28


1969 Camaro

69 Chevrolet Camaro became a symbol of American Muscle Cars all over the world; these cars took parts in races and were revered throughout the United States. With a 290Hp engine, the car was fast, stylish, and everyone wanted theirs on one of these. The kit is historically accurate and has chrome-plated body parts. 

It cost just under $50, and if you are a beginner; then, this model car kit should be your first choice. It’s easy to assemble and comes with a full-size drawing. Recommended for 8 years and older.

3. ’64 Chevy Impala

Chevy Impala 1964

The impala was different from its competitors because of its U shaped taillights and sleek body. With a 6.8L V8 engine. This muscle car roared the streets of the US. Because of the car’s domestic success, it was exported to different countries. 

This model car kit comes with a detailed chassis and a suspension setting. It has stylish trademark wheels. The cost of this is under $50 and is perfect for children that have just started to build their first model kit.

4.   Cobra 427 



The Cobra 427 was a British-American two-door sports car. With a 4.7L V8 engine, this car was an amazing feat of engineering. The car’s design was ahead of its time. The car took parts in various races and became a symbol of British-American manufacturing in the 1960s. The car was surprisingly fast; it could reach 100mph in 10.3sec.

This model car kit comes with detailed plastic chrome plated pieces, and there are nearly 100 pieces, so this kit is not for the beginner. Still, intermediates and advance builders will be astonished by its historical accuracy and class of the model. This kit also has decals with original Cobra markings. The cost of the kit is slightly higher and costs around 100$. It’s the perfect kit for any seasoned builder.

We have told you about some of our favorite model car kits, but there are hundreds more of these and you can easily find them in any toy or hobby shop.

If you can’t find the model kit you are looking for in any of the stores close to you then you should check online on sites like eBay, Amazon, Model cars, etc. There, you can find different types of car kits with varying levels of difficulty. 

That being said, you must always take some precautions while assembling these model car kits as you don’t want to hurt anyone or destroy any piece of furniture.

* Prices of the kits will vary depending on the scale, quality of the materials, and the amount of details.