5 Model Cars You Should Build

Ford Bronco car model rustic

Model cars have always been popular among scale hobbyists. They can be put with creativity and amazing craft. So, if you are one of the crazy hobbyists who are car fanatics and start drooling over their favorite cars, they see on tv or on roads; then you have come to the right place! No matter if you are beginner, intermediate, or expert, if you are passionate and have the will to DIY, you are not an inch away from model cars to build.

Knowing the need for car enthusiasts, we gathered information and reviewed some of the model cars that are unique and easy to build with focus and concentration. So, here is the best present for car scale modelers to build their car of dreams.

List of car models to build

 1. Revell Fast & Furious Dominic’s 1970 Dodge Charger Model Car

Black 1970 Dodge Charger car model

This model car has the heart of millions. This was the most famous piece from the Fast & Furious series, making fans want to pour their hearts on. Dominic’s 1970 Dodge Charger was a robust car, so people could only afford to make its model. 

This car has made several appearances in different movies. This can be made by modelers age 14 years old and above as the model kit has very detailed parts, HEMI engine, fire extinguisher, rollbars, drag slicks, and raiser rear suspension. The scale for this model car is 1:25, available on Amazon.

2. REVELL USA 70’ Pontiac Firebird Model Car

Another hit from Revell, 1970 was the year when Pontiac firebird was introduced. The model car is very detailed, with decals in blue and white. The scale is very easy to build as it is between difficulty levels 3 and 4. It has 83 parts, easily available in the best seller section on Amazon.

3. Revell Ford Bronco Model Car

Blue Ford Bronco front view

Ford Bronco is a very amusing vehicle on scale 1: 25. It remained a top SUV vehicle with the 2-door specification for over thirty years. Due to its advancement in the technology and more seating compatibility, this car gained record-breaking popularity in America. 

The kit of the model car is good-to-made for ages 14 and above. The pieces are highly detailed and 137 in total. It is made upon scale 1:25 with difficulty level 5. You can visit the Ford Bronco Plastic model to buy your Bronco kit.

4. The Bugatti Chiron Diecast Model Car

Replica of The Bugatti Chiron, this diecast model car is based on a 1:24 scale. This car is beautifully detailed with opening doors to have a view of an elegant interior.

It is suitable for ages 10 and above, and the parts are very easy to assemble. This curvy car looks just like an actual car. You don’t need glue to join the elements but a small screwdriver. This could be the best gift you can give to yourself or anyone closest. 

5. Chevy Camaro Z/28 Model Car

Black Chevy Camaro z-28 car model

1968’s model Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is still everyone’s favorite. The model car is based on a 1:25 scale with the option of 2 in 1 customization. It can be built starting from the age of 14 and above.

The parts of this model are highly detailed with multiple motor intake options. For wheel, stock rally and custom mag wheel are available. It comes with waterslide decals and illustrated instruction manual. This model has astonishing custom options that you would really love.

These car models to build are genuinely amazing to assemble with no flattering. They are best and unique in their making. The reproduction of these cars in mini models was important to remember these models in history that were built by some of the creative geniuses in the past.