Become A Writer For Us

Every one of us has a system of values and beliefs. However, we value the human connection. Once you understand that life is more than just surviving and existence, you can start to experience it truly. And one of the ways to get more out of life is to share what you have – your knowledge, your opinions, and your happiness!

Our goal here at the Modelaero is to gather stories, knowledge, and advice as well as inspiration about different models (airplanes, tanks, cars, etc!). But we understand that we will not be able to do it ourselves! It is time to accept help from other writers.

Are You interested?


  1. Together we will come up with cooperation terms. That includes price per word, how many articles (per month) you could provide and any other specific conditions.
  2. Then we will share with you the list of article topics and descriptions about each article. The average post size is 1500 words, but do not take it as an exact requirement – the main goal stays to describe the topic well enough with the longer or shorter article!
  3. You will also have the freedom to research and express your writing style – we have outlined the suggested structure, but there are no strict rules as long as the content is of good quality!
  4. Once you have finished the writing part of the article – we will review it and give you feedback – we are all about transparency and self-development; therefore, we will strive for continuous communication with you.
  5. After the review, we will add images, and the article will be ready for publishing!


As previously mentioned, upon starting our cooperation, we would agree on the price for the word. The price range depends on your previous experience, the quality of your work, and, last but not least – our mutual communication and how well we can cooperate. We offer to start at 0.02 cents per word. Therefore for a 1500 word article, it would be 30$. Once we have made sure that our cooperation is successful and the quality of your writing is right – we can discuss increasing the price and giving you more freedom in choosing titles and topics for your writings.

“Do I have to be a full-time professional writer?”

No. We want to collaborate with practitioners – people who know the topic and live by it. Of course, you should be proficient in English and good with grammar to express your knowledge, but it is not necessary to be a professional writer!

If you have experience as a content writer or have already written and published some blog posts, we would love to see your work! Please send us the links! It will help us to understand your skills, capabilities, and writing style.

You wouldn’t have to take this as a full-time occupation – we are looking for at least 5000 words per month, ideally 10 000 words. It depends on your writing methods and your own pace of work, but on average, this should take 10-20 hours a month.

“Everything sounds great!” HOW TO APPLY?

  1. Just fill out our contact form to get in touch!
  2. Create a Google Documents for the article (we mainly work with Google products; therefore, you must understand how to deal with Google Documents).
  3. In that document, please write a 1500 word article about any subject regards to building models. We guarantee – if we choose to publish your article on our blog – you will get paid!

We promise to reply to every serious candidate that will express their willingness and potential to work with us! And even if we don’t cooperate in the future, you will get feedback about the article you wrote!