Favourite Balsa Model Airplane Kits

Balsa wood model airplane

Airplane models have been highly popular for some time, especially for people that are engaged in model making as a hobby. Balsa model airplane kits are great for experts and beginners alike if you are just starting, but have an interest in model making and want to learn; then this article is for you. 

People are highly passionate about model making regarding airplane models made out of balsa wood. This model making has gotten popular, especially around the holiday season, when all the family gets together. Model making with your family is good for bonding and therapeutic. There are hundreds of balsa model airplane kits available in any hobby shop or toy store near you. Most stores are filled with model kits like these if you can’t find; then, you can search online on different websites and find yourself your favorite airplane model. Unlike different model kits, balsa model kits aren’t that expensive.

In this article, we are going to discuss some favorite airplane models for model makers, but before that, let’s start with some information about balsa wood. 

What is balsa wood, and why is it so popular in the model building?

In this video, you can see all you need to know about balsa wood. It’s an introduction about characteristics and why it is so popular in any kind of model building category. This guy explains all specifics of this type of wood and shows some tips on how to work with it. 

List of some favorite Balsa Airplane Model Kits for Model makers

1. Sopwith Snipe:

These airplane model kits are specially made for beginners. They have fewer components, and every component is laser cut and can be easily assembled. These kits are surprisingly easy to make and assemble. 

This model kit costs around $50. This model kit comes with, full-size plan, a 6″ rubber propeller, and sticks decals. You can use this airplane model as a decoration piece for your office desk or your home.

 If you want your kid to develop an interest in the model making; then, this is the perfect gift.

2. 18″ Wingspan Pfalz D3 Rubber Powered Aircraft:

Pfalz D3 was a German aircraft used in WWI, commissioned in 1917. The plane was in service till the end of the war. Pfalz was a sturdy aircraft with a top speed of 185km/hr. Both beginners and the advanced model maker will appreciate this model kit. Moreover, beginners will find it easy to build, and advanced model makers will be baffled by the historical accuracy of the airplane model. 

This model comes with a full-size drawing, 6″ plastic propeller, and step by step instructions. Just for around $40, this model kit can be a great birthday gift for your kid.

3. 30″ Wingspan A36A Apache Rubber Powered Aircraft:

A36 Apache was a bomber aircraft used by the British and American Air force in WWII; only 500 of these were built. They were formidable machines that were extensively used in various battles over Europe. 

Though this kit might be a little bit difficult for a beginner, advanced model makers will be astonished at the historical accuracy of this airplane model.

This balsa model airplane kit comes with step by the step instruction manual, handpicked balsa, and traditional colors all for around $60. This model aircraft reminds us of a time when these aircraft ruled the sky.

4. 18″ Wingspan F6F Hellcat:

First commissioned in 1942, they had 2000hp engine and were the primary aircraft used by the American Navy against the Japanese in the second half of WWII. It was famous for its rugged body.

Hellcat’s aircraft is credited with destroying more than 2000 enemy aircraft in WWII. This airplane model is for intermediate model makers since it has many small components that are difficult to identify if you are a beginner. 

You can buy this model kit for just $45, and this comes with a step by step instruction, color peel, and a full-size drawing. This airplane model has a lot of historical significance and is widely used as house décor too.

These are only a few popular airplane models made of balsa wood. Choose one of the models mentioned above, visit your local shop or check out any of the online shops for more options and see you on the field!

Flying thin balsa wood model airplane