What Are Helicopter Models And How Hard It Is To Start Building Them.

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There are a lot of hobbies to shake off your day tiredness or anxiety etc. But if you are thinking of taking up a compelling hobby then, helicopter models are believed to be a hobby only made for you. Having such hobbies are a distraction from worldly problems and need all your attention in the process. You may have seen many hobby stores or toy stores stocking up their space with model kits as they are aware of customer’s choice and interest in buying these kits. These model kits are exciting for every teenager and or adult. People love to build these models and make a collection of their efforts. The fascinating thing about these models is that they are good practice for brain building and mind sharpening for the kids.

Due to massive popularity gained by helicopter scale models building, this has put the screws on us. We are here with some tips and techniques to make you completely fall in love with this hobby. This article is a beginner guide with all the necessary details about helicopter models, providing steps, and model-related discussions. So, here’s your first stop.

What are the helicopter models?

Helicopter models come in a package with a variety of sizes and shapes; they can be military helicopters or civilian helicopters. It all depends upon your choice of which to buy. They are also called scale models with an accurate physical representation. People who are obsessed with scale models are often called “scale hobbyists”.

Some of the helicopter models are very complicated to make. So, if you are a beginner, always start with a simple model that is easy to build, rather being fed up with a complex one and draining your interest within a few days. The helicopter model kit comes with a sprue and all the needed pieces to build your helicopter model. There is also a manual book, instructions at the back of the packaging. It is better to follow the instructions than building your helicopter model out of assumption.

How hard it is to start building the helicopter Model?

It is not that hard to make a helicopter model as it is supposed to be. All it requires is your attention and safe measures to build the pieces one after the other. Moreover, everything needs practice. Once it comes in your habit, you will love the struggle in making your models. Keep in mind the following points, which will further expand in steps to how to start building the helicopter model.

When drawing pieces from the kit, always put the components in one place to reduce the risk of losing things. Follow the instructions written in the manual book, carefully. You may wear gloves while gluing the pieces of the helicopter model to avoid it from sticking to your hands.

When building a helicopter scale model, these are the steps in the process that will help you a lot in your first time:  

      • Here’s the first thing you should do to keep all the types of equipment close to yourself, which are necessary to build a helicopter model, like sprue cutters, hobby knives, glue, and paints.
      • While cutting the pieces, it is better to cut the extra sprue to avoid damage to the bits and afterward, neatening them up with sandpaper. Also, only cut those pieces which you will need to build any component of the helicopter. In that way, you will be free from the risk of losing other components’ parts.
      • Always put a cutting mat down the sprue. It is easy to cut the pieces without denting your furniture with a hobby knife or cutter. You will need a comfortable place to make your model. Still, you do not want to be interrupted by this scratch on your newly bought wooden table.
      • Assemble the components of the helicopter model with the help of glue where it is necessary. You can glue them with cement, resin, plaster of Paris, adhesive glue, or even super glue. Wood glue is also the fastest drying solution, but it requires a double coating on pieces of the model. 
      • Double-check if the model is defective. It is best to know before gluing the pieces. 
      • Clean up the pieces from extra sprue before the gluing so it won’t look like an unfinished work on the model set.
      • Stick the pieces in a way that glue doesn’t run in excess, ruining other parts of the helicopter model. Do this work with full focus, and always buy the adhesive with a nozzle to avoid this mishap.
      • After gluing the pieces give support to your model with the help of clamps or tapes until all parts are dried and stick to each other appropriately.
      • Check out all pieces are assembled and which part needs gluing twice.
      • If you are done testing out all the components, the next thing you should do is to enhance the beauty of your helicopter model.

If you are thinking of painting your model, try water-proof paint and a small size brush. You may use paint spray. Take your time out, paint your helicopter model, and leave it to dry for a whole day before applying the stickers that are in the model kit. Some of the models come with decals, so they need to be placed in the lukewarm water first to stick to the model where needed. You can also use varnish if available to give a polish touch to the decals.

What to always have in your toolbox for urgent needs?

Everything comes in use when it comes to mending or putting things together. Same as helicopter models, that need extra tools or equipment. If you are really into building helicopter models, collect the right tools, so you don’t have to go outside again and again, between the process of building the models.

Modelling tools

      • There are many types of glues but always investigate the instructions for a glue type that your helicopter model kit needs for your simple or complex model.
      • There’s no hard and fast rule to paint your models. But if you want to do better on them, acrylic, oil, or enamel stays the best on these models.
      • Small screwdrivers are suitable to join the pieces because the kit has tiny screws to fix the components.

How to keep your helicopter model safe

The model is indeed so fragile that it needs a safe place to be protected somewhere. You want that, too, after all the sweat and blood you put into building your favorite helicopter model. You can buy a mirror case to fit your model, or you can even customize a display case for your helicopter model. The size matters a lot when getting a display for your model, as sometimes it looks like your model is breaking the case. Or sometimes it is too big to fit two more models inside. There are many beautiful display cases selling online, but do make sure that they are fit to the size of your model. If you are tired of doing more for your model, you can put it in a side showcase in your home with other miniatures and items. Plastic body models are much more sensitive than metallic body models, for they need only one soft touch to break them down. So, safety is the priority!

What is the average cost to build a helicopter model and where to buy these scale models?

The prices vary with the level of difficulty and quality of each helicopter model. If you are a beginner and want a simple model to build in your first go, you can get your model in around $10. You can practice on simple models and then buy yourself a complex model which is affordable to you. The price may vary from $15 to $110 or even more. You may search out more stores for good quality models at reasonable prices.

Do not be deceived by looking at the size of the models. The smaller the size, the more complex a model could be. So, do read the scale on the box, either it is for novice or expert. Another thing about helicopter models is they can be of lower quality or higher quality. Usually, smaller quality models are the cheaper ones that are not even well-fitted with the price. 

If you have already decided to spend your time building these helicopter models, you can find them in your local hobby store or toy store. Or if you don’t have stores near your place, you can also turn to any toy store in the town. But it is so that stores do not have a wide variety of these models so you can locate any famous model store in the city. It would be amusing to see a vast range of helicopter models in these model stores within pocket-friendly prices.

Another option is buying yourself a helicopter model online. There are several sites that are selling models at different rates. You can also search them out on Amazon or eBay as they sometimes sell them at discounted prices. They are some brands that are popular because of their customer’s services, such as Holystone, Revell, or Hasegawa. They are top-rated on Amazon and provide stellar quality models. You won’t be disappointed with shopping from these brands. You can go through this Amazon’s best-rated helicopter models’ reviews to have an idea about helicopter models.

How can you make money from this hobby?

There are scale stores that do the marketing of the model shows online or through magazines. Amateur model makers register themselves in these shows and display their helicopter models. Many of the model makers build helicopter models and sell them online. They are customized in a way that they fancy the customer’s eyes. It can be your hobby or passion, but you can also make money out of it. The rule is it should be unique in its way and make an impulsive impression on the buyer. Other options are that you can make them display in the gift shops, decoration shops, or furniture stores. Why is this an option? People like to add these little hand-made items into their collections, and something as a helicopter model with an elegancy is hard to turn your face from.

Now stop thinking and go shopping for your helicopter models! You can also write “scale models” in the search engine to look for more websites that are offering amazing designs of helicopter models. Or, you can click on one of the related articles to have a better know-how about these models.