How To Find Model Airplane Builder Community?

Model airplane community

Well, some people are interested in showing off the hobby or talent they have gotten to the world. Most importantly, they are looking for people having the same expertise as theirs to join hands with. Model airplane builders or scale model airplane makers always find each other, somehow, in any corner of the world because the hobby roars for itself. Some people may keep it to their homes, or sometimes, they are unable to find the communities in their states or any proper areas to display their crafts.

So, for the sake of scale hobbyists, we have some exciting discussion to carry on. This article is all about keeping the spirit of hobby alive in the part players. The model airplane can be on the scale from simple to complex, but this needs a lot of effort and time to be made from scratch. Now, let’s move on to tips or techniques to find yourself a model airplane builder community.

Ways to find yourself in a model airplane community

You may have seen many articles or newsletters about scale shows or events happening every day or week. In these shows, many hobbyists get together, show their expertise, and spend time enjoying aviation. There you can find your scale mates and give your hobby a new track. People all over the world join the scale model building hobby. Each of them finds his own way of getting things done, which glue or paint works best for him, which tools choose and use, and all other stuff that comes out from experience. By sharing this knowledge with each other, you can find ways to improve your building skills and enjoy this modeling process more and more.


It’s all about meeting, sharing, and having fun!

How to register yourself in model airplane builder shows?

It was never so easy or useful to find the right place to fit in, but now it only takes a few minutes.

All you need to do is: 

  1. Search for model airplane shows or events near you.
  2. You can easily find them through social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  3. Joining groups on Facebook will keep you updated about shows or events.
  4. Register yourself on the website. Make sure you totally match site criteria.   

You can get an idea from R/C Airplane Flying Field at On Top of the World Communities, Ocala FL, as this community was founded by OTOW residents more than two decades ago. They are affiliated with many associations and doing ground-breaking activities in the heart of Florida.


Depending on which type of airplane models you are interested in and want to build, you can define where you can start to search for a community to join. 

For example, if you are a plastic airplane static model builder or collector for your home collection, the best way to find a group to join will be through Facebook, Instagram, or Forum sites about modeling, gluing, collections, and so on.

You can try out some of these sites to get insight:


If you are more into Remote Control Airplane building than possibilities can go more further than just a virtual community on the internet since there are also clubs and shows where enthusiasts gather together. 

model plane community

Here are three sites you can start with to search for clubs in the USA, UK and all over the world:

  • Academy of Model Aeronautics is another platform for people who are interested in model aviation. There you can search for clubs and events, and have a proper new experience in this hobby. This association is a non-profit across the United States, supporting the dreams of many hobbyists.
  • British Model Flying Association – The BMFA is the National Governing Body for the sport of model flying. It aims to promote, protect, organize, and encourage model flying within the UK.
  • RC airplane clubs &flying fields directory – RC plane clubs are more common than ever before, and joining one is simply the best way of learning all about radio control flying. Hopefully, this RC Airplane World club directory can help you locate a club near to where you live!


To join some of the flying airplane model internet communities check out these examples of groups: 

And don’t forget to take a look at this site to find upcoming air show events which in the most case includes as real plane shows and also model RC plane activities.

Some other useful websites that you should look for:

  • RCSCALEBUILDER is an online community which is providing hobbyists with resources to help them become successful. Here, you can find your fellow model airplane builders that are showing keen interest in making good memories with other hobbyists. RCSB is calling people to join their community and become a member.
  • EAA | Aircraft Building organization is also motivating new hobbyists to come forward and become a recognizable icon on its platform. You can also find many links to improve your skills. Take part in many activities along with this hobby, and find your fellow model airplane builders, who are crazy for this hobby like you.
  • International Aeromodelling Commission of the FAI (CIAM). The FAI is the global governing body for all air-related sports, models, and full size.
  • Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) – the official national organization for RC aircraft within Canada.
  • Model Flying New Zealand (MFNZ) – the official body for model flying in New Zealand.


Gathering together with other enthusiasts is the best way to spend your time, socialize, and share your experience!