How To Find Model Cars Builder Community

Red model pancar surrounded by other cars

If you are looking for people having the same hobby as yours, then you have come to the right place. It is natural to look for mates who are very much involved in a passion evolving in you since you got your hands into it. When it comes to model cars, it is always very exciting to show your car collections and compare them with your friends. We have some entertaining model cars forum at your service. These forums are international, and you can see model car collections of people around the globe.

Model car forums are full of new competitions, a list of other collections from individuals, tips and techniques, new model information, and whatnot. Hobbyists take part in healthy discussions and share their experiences on how they found this model car hobby. Another exciting news is that it expands your abilities and helps you find online model car kits on different online sites.

Is it hard to get yourself registered in the model car builder community?

No, not at all. Your passion for model cars is your passport for registering in those communities. Some of the communities ask for your model car collections, but not everyone does it. These model car builder communities are in existence since the mid of 1900. 

We reviewed and gathered information about them through magazines, forums, webpages, model car clubs, and found out they are easy to follow on Facebook and Twitter. These model car builder communities have visits to the museum that are specially dedicated to model car buildings, their collections, and storing.

Details of model car organizations and publications with online memberships

  1.   IPMS/USA | By Modellers is the IPM society’s united states branch and most visited website in the model building community. This society is there since the 1960s, and in four decades, it has gained over 5000 enthusiastic members. IPMS promotes modeling hobby on a greater scale. Meetings are being held, and venues are communicated to the members for modeling events, both on the local and regional level.

International Plastic Modelers’ Society/USA produces their magazine journal and send it to six times every year to each member.

Additional details:

  • Adult Basic Course (ABC): IPMS/USA coaches new, novice, returning modeler members on level 1 basic model building. It is a six-week, 2 hours per session course. Modelers are given mid-level kits to practice on in during sessions.
  • Local, regional, and National level contests: IPMS hold events in 50 states. Contest and competitions are held on local, regional, and national levels every summer on different locations, with over 2000 entries.

In short, IPMS is a national organization, which maintains meet-ups, discussions, events, contests, guides, tips and techniques, and socializing of scale modelers in the state.

  1. 1-87 Vehicles Club is another club for modelers who are interested in constructing 1/87 HO scale vehicle models. They have their product reviews and the latest photo submissions to show from modelers.

Collectors of military vehicles, fire fighting equipment, racing cars, cranes and rigging, and many more are very active members of this club. You can also submit your model photos at [email protected]

  1. Classic Plastic Model Club is a non-profit club, organized and maintained for passionate hobbyists. It was first organized in 1989 to bring people together to share fun ideas and discussions regarding car modeling. They held their meeting every Saturday at the same venue in Massachusetts.
  2. Model Car Hall of Fame founded in 2009, MCHF is built and owned by model car collectors. It is a great forum to get your name on this site as a modeler or collector. It has grown itself into the community’s best and favorite events. You can search about model car ceremony, new regarding collectors, and different types of models.

Model cars and bussesList of other model cars Forums and Magazines

We found these model car forums a good way to introduce yourself in a compelling model car hobby. You can watch tutorials on car modelings, get to know about shows and events. Some of the forums have scale calculators for converting scale size from original size. Digital workbench and technology-related threads are provided for avid car modelers.

And don’t forget to check out and join to these FB model cars group: