Tips On How To Become A Better Tank Model Builder

Model tank in grass

Model tanks come in different ranges and complexity level. A beginner should always opt for simple and less complicated models for a tank. Tanks models are also known as modern military vehicles. 

Tanks are one of the most favorite choices of modern military vehicle enthusiasts. Model tanks come in all scales, and likewise, there are tank models with fewer details and some models with a higher degree of details. So it is always a good idea to memorize good practices to build tank models better.

Tank model photoshoot

Ways to become better at building a tank model

Here are some tips for the beginners which will help you in building a tank model of your own:

      • Choose a simple and least complicated model if you are a beginner. Once you have a master model making, then you can opt for a complicated one. Choosing a simple one at the start will save you your money too if the build didn’t go properly.Green tank model on table
      • Don’t buy too cheap tank models. The issue with them is they lack proper finishing and will end up testing your modeling skill and wastage of time.
      • The user manual is your first key to building up a tank model. Read it properly and build your tank accordingly.
      • Cross-check your parts with the parts written in the user’s manual. Return or refund that tank building set and ask for the exchange to a new one if there is a problem with the one you bought,
      • Maintain a proper tool kit for your build.
      • Create a soft copy of all the components that you have and distribute the components parts wise i.e., list of components that are required for a particular part. In this way, you will be able to sort out all the components and parts easily, and it will generate an idea of how the build is going to be.
      •  You should have a razor-sharp blade to cut off and detach the parts from the spurs.
      •  Have a plane and smooth surface while underneath your spurs while cutting down the parts. Safety first – don’t hurry, or else you will get a cut. Wear gloves if needed, and it is your very first time.
      • Painting all the parts at one will save you a lot of time.
      • Use the paint that is easy to use if you are a beginner. Go for a simple and basic theme for your tank.
      •  Washing the parts with soap water before painting to get the best results. Washing the pieces with soap water will eradicate all the particles of grease from the surface.
      •  Apply 2 to 3 coats of color.
      • Use a small size paintbrush for detailing. And if you are a beginner, don’t hesitate to outline with a simple pencil and then painting the details.
      • Use paper tape to hide the basic coat and then apply the detail with paint.small size brushes in workshop
      •  Paint the parts in one particular stroke. If not done so, the outcome will be very much messy.
      • Use a clear coat after all the painting is done to reduce the wear and tear effect of paint.
      •  Do not rush and glue all the parts together at once.
      • There are many different types of glue and adhesive available in the market be sure to use the glue that is prescribed in your tank model kit.
      • Make sure that the parts fit properly then apply glue. Applying the glue and then realizing that the fit doesn’t seem to be normal will cost you time and even money if the parts are damaged while detaching.
      • Use cloth pegs and masking tape if a part needed to be suspended at a particular position.
      •  For a strong bond between particles, remove the paint from the surface where the glue needs to be applied.
      •  Having a glue with a thin applicator will be a bonus. Don’t worry if you don’t have it; you can case use your paintbrush as a glue applicator. The idea behind this tip is that the glue is evenly spread all over the surface for a strong and good bond between two parts or components.
      •  If somehow, the excess glue is dried out using fine graded sandpaper to remove the dried glue from the surface.

Building tank models is a slow process, and it takes time. Beginners should follow the guidelines as prescribed in the user manual and don’t go ahead of the manual in excitement. 

Best of luck builders!!