Top-selling Airplane Model Kits

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There are a lot of scale model kits that are out in the market with unique specifications and features. But scale hobbyists are choosy and want more out of any model kit. Airplane model kits are one of the scale models that are purchased with the right concentration on features of the equipment. It could be an excellent investment of time and money, so it is better to have a know-how of top-selling airplane model kits.

Today, in this article, we will discuss the favorite airplane model kits that are popular because of their high-quality material, reasonability, reliability, brand loyalty, and much more. If you are a beginner, you will get an idea of scales and how to choose between different model kits.

The best selling Airplane Models

Following is the list of some best-selling airplane model kits on Amazon which are very much famous among end customers;

  1.   Revell Corsair F4U-4 1: 48 Scale

Revell is very much popular among scale modelers. This plane is the no.1 scale model on Amazon with specifications and features like:

  •  Scale model created with accurate detailing.
  • It comes with a pilot figure and a specific cockpit.
  •  It has movable doors that can be open and close, a moving propeller, retractable landing, and rotating tail.  
  •  Waterslide decals.
  • Manual instructions for assembling detailing.

This model kit is for skill level 2. This airplane model is recreated over Navy fighter, made in the U.S. The kit has 70 parts in total.

  1.   Revell 1: 48 B25J Mitchell

Another hit from Revell, 1:48 B25J Mitchell, comes in the bestseller list on the 3rd number.

  •  Detailed model with proper crew figures.
  • 5 nose-mounted machine guns for super impression.
  •  Waterslide decals.
  •  Elaborated assembling instructions.

These twin-engine bombers fighter plane is for skill level two with 138 parts in total.

  1.   Revell 1:48 P – 40B Tiger Shark Plastic Model Kit

This Revell airplane model is the recreation of the U.S fighter at the time of Pearl Harbor.

  •  Shark mouth nose is its one main feature.
  •  The cockpit of the fighter plane has a detailed interior.
  •   Movable rotating propeller
  •  Rotating main wheels
  • Pilot figure and waterslide decals for three convertible versions
  •  Detailed assembling instructions.

This model kit is for skill level moderate with 60 pieces in total. It comes in multi-colored scale models out on the requirement of the purchaser.

  1.   Metal Earth Fascinations MMS091 502489 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Construction

This model is ranked 11th in Airplane model kits. Let’s talk about its features:

  •   This a metal model on the 3-D model basis.
  •    Pieces can be joined with the use of glue.
  •    Parts and assembling are very detailed.
  •  The kit comes with various licenses.

This 3-D metal airplane model is not a child’s toy and for people above age 14. The pieces are easy to cut, and when fully built, it is a nice collection or a present to give your loved ones.

  1.   Airfix A68209M North American B-25H Mitchell 1:72 Small Starter Gift Set

Other than Revell, Airfix Aircraft models are getting a lot much attention. This model kit is on 15th rank in the best sellers list due to its unique specifications and features:

  •  The skill level of the model is a beginner.
  •  The kit comes with glue, different brushes, Humbrol paints, and all necessary things to build the model.
  • The assembling time for this model is 60 minutes, approximately. 

This 1:72 scale military Aircraft has 118 pieces to assemble. It is a must buying kit for a creative and big model.

These five airplane model kits in our list are scrutinized based on the attraction they have gotten in a one go. You can also find more on the link  Amazon Best Sellers: Best Airplane Model Kits to choose your best model kit. You can also customize them on your own. You can add figures and paint your airplane model, which looks fantastic on the model material.

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