Types Of Custom Model Cars

Blue car model photo

Little miniature cars are every kid’s first choice when it comes to toys, but also among adults, there is a high demand for scale cars, but in this case, more like the process of building them or making a collection of top-end quality model cars. While toy cars are popular among kids, you can also buy them custom model cars, which will make them equally happy. Not only this, but these model cars are also gaining immense popularity as a decoration piece and quiet rightly so.

I can see a custom model car in my living room right now. A custom model car is different from toy cars and maybe it’s because of its aesthetic. To see a little version of your favorite Mercedes Benz with wheels, shiny interior, and other details are pleasing. An adult who loves vintage cars can be given a custom model car as a token of appreciation, which they will truly cherish.

How model cars came into being?

So, when did it all began? The first person who went like “Oh, I should make a small version of that car that’s right outside my door”? Any guesses?

The custom model cars started appearing in 1930 but didn’t gain recognition until 1950, which makes sense as automobiles became mainstream in that era. Later on, it became more of a hobby for people to build custom model cars.

What types of custom model cars exist in the market?

Vintage Custom Model Cars

White and teal volkswagen van on the box

Manufacturers like Doepke and Vintage 43 have some amazing collection of Vintage Custom Model Cars. Due to the lack of resources and technology that we have now, these types of custom model cars were made with steel, tin, and other metals like iron.

One of the most famous vintage model cars is the 1965 Plymouth Fury Convertible because of its simple design. You can easily order a kit to build this custom model car like Amazon or eBay, which is going to cost you no more than $70.

Not only this, but numerous workshops make customized custom model cars, you can place your order easily if you don’t go through the hassle of building one on your own.

Classic Custom Model Cars

Black mercedes benz classic car

The only thing better than Vintage Custom Model Cars is Classic Custom Model Cars. This is mainly because these are not cars, but cart looking cars from today’s point of you. The high roofs, jeeps like cars with big wheels are unique for today’s generation, which is exactly why you should be buying one.

Workshops like Carmodel and Megahobby have these beautiful custom model cars at a very low price of a maximum of $40, which is moderate for a car kit. The Revel 1948 Ford Custom is one of the bestselling Classic Custom Model Car because of its beautiful chrome color.

Hot Wheels Custom Model Cars

Brown hot wheel model car on brown table

Everyone owned a hot wheels car set in childhood. Hot Wheels car model became popular in the 1960s due to the rising racing culture. Luckily, Hot Wheels as custom model cars became a hobby for many enthusiasts.

The usual kit consists of bonnets, wheels axels, and unpainted roof, which is amazing as you can paint them whatever color you want to. The most popular models of Hot Wheels include Fright Bike and Treasure Hunts.

Formula One Custom Model Cars

Red ferrari model car formula

If you are a person who is an expert in making custom model cars, then you should try making a Formula One Custom Model Car because that requires master-level expertise, and the results are so satisfying. Sure, it may seem impossible to own a formula one car in your garage, but a teeny tiny version of it may give you some sort of relief.

Although you can get F-1 custom model cars from local workshops, it is better to order the kit from the F-1 custom website, which has all models as collectibles for around $30. Purchasing kits to build a formula one custom model car is another thing, you can easily order through Amazon or eBay.

Police and Fire Trucks

Four different Police car models

A police car or a fire truck as custom model cars is the safest toy that can be given to a toddler as these models are quite simple. Giving your toddler Police custom model car can also be a way of educating them about the environment and everyday life.